Dave Wiegers Photography | Illinois/Missouri/Kansas/Nebraska/Iowa 2010
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These photos were taken on a "Lincolning" trip taken in the early summer of 2010, to document a number of statues of Abraham Lincoln in the states of Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska and Iowa.
Preparing for Greatness - Jacksonville, Illinois by Peter Maxon and Doris ParksLincoln in Marshall, Illinois by Bill WolfeLincoln-Douglas Debate Memorial in Quincy, Illinois by Lorado TaftLincoln and Tad in Kansas City, Missouri by Lorenzo GiglieriLincoln in Leavenworth, Kansas by Martin Leo PyleLincoln the Rail Joiner in Lincoln, Nebraska by Louis SlobodkinThe Moss MarkersLincoln of the Second Inaugural in Jefferson, Iowa by William Granville Hastings"Lincoln the Emancipator" in Clermont, Iowa by George Edwin Bisselllincoln in Troy, Kansas by Mark Sampsel