The author, Lincoln buff and talented amateur photographer David B. Wiegers, has had an abiding interest in Abraham Lincoln since his parents packed him and his 5 brothers and sisters in the family’s Ford station wagon for the trip to visit Mr. Lincoln’s hometown of Springfield in the early 1960’s. Coupling his long time love of photography with his near obsession to photograph the entire body of Lincoln sculptures and monuments, Wiegers’ spent 5 years and drove and flew thousands of miles across 35 states photographing and researching all the images of Lincoln that he could discover. His 30th anniversary vacation to Hawaii in 2007 was schedules so that he could photograph a statue near Honolulu.

Wiegers’ photographs of Lincoln statues have been seen in Summers with Lincoln by Jim Percoco (Fordham University Press, 2008, pages 100-109). American Art Review Magazine featured 21 of Wiegers’ full color pictures in the August 2008 issue of the publication. The photographs were used as illustrations to Jim Percoco’s article Public Sculptures of Abraham Lincoln.